Mission Statement / Policy

Mission Statement:

We are a network of sexworkers organised by and for sexworkers.

We want our work to be decriminalised and destigmatised.

We want to create a safer place for sexworkers to connect together and support each other.

We want to share our skills and learn from each other.

Every sexworker has the right to participate, no matter what their background is. The only condition is that they are neither an employer nor a manager in the sex industry.

Everyone has to be listened to and has the responsibility to listen to others in the group.

We do not tolerate discrimination based on gender, sexuality, race, disability, migration or working type (no “whorearchy”)

We require respectful communication within our group, offending language is not tolerated (no “hate-Speech”). If anyone acts dominantly towards others, the group has the responsibility to address this behaviour and resolve it within the group or with the people affected .

We want our group to be flat structured and make decisions based on consensus.

We try to avoid stereotypes and generalization amongst ourselves and want to encounter each other without prejudice.

We want to be a safe space for sexworkers, where every one of us can feel safe to speak openly about their experiences, therefore we need confidentiality. What we speak about in the group has to stay there – unless the person agrees to the contrary.

We want to politically organise for the rights of sex workers.